We have specialized in industrial measuring technology, especially the production metrology.

Wikipedia defines the field as follows:

“Production metrology is the generic term for all activities associated with measuring and testing, which should be performed in the industrial development process of a product. An important area in production measurement is to measure the length, angle, shape and surface, ie the measurement of the geometry of workpieces.

The main purpose of production metrology is to provide information for the product development process in the form of test and measurement data that form the basis for quality assurance. This starts from development and design through delivering the information about the quality of products and processes to the customer. Manufacturing Metrology is not limited to technical procedures to determine the measured values, but also extends to organizational aspects that are associated with test and measurement in production.

Total production metrology can be defined as quality control of production methods and end products and last but not least the profitability. These include:

• ongoing review of the production processes and tools (see for example: CNC machines)
• temporary verification of economic efficiency
• ongoing non-destructive material testing

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Production of high quality products is not our only priority, but also service and expert advice. We work in partnership with our customers to reach solutions to the problems of industrial non-destructive surface metrology and look after them in the long term.

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