T4HD von Triebworx: Konturmessgerät |Rauheitsmessgerät | Oberflächenmessgerät

CNC 4-axis contour and roughness measuring device

Contour and roughness measuring with highest accuracy in the range of 200 x 205 mm (X, Z) and 20 mm (Y) 20 mm (Y) optimised for production measurement:

• Autocalibration as standard feature
• Impossible-to-confuse USB probe arms
• Automatic zenith search in X and Y direction
• 3D evaluation software for contour and roughness

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Probe arms and probe tips

T4HD USB Tastarme und Tastspitzen - Taster, Spitzen, nach unten und oben tastend

Accessories for contour and roughness metrology

• T4HD USB ​​probe arms are capable of auto-calibration and avoid late effects of incorrect operation during calibration. All probes data is stored directly on the patented USB probe-arm.

• T4HD USB probe arms are not confusable and and prevent probe damage and measuring errors due to incorrectly selected probes. CNC measurements can only be started if the correct probe is attached.

• T4HD USB probe arms are available with form-fitting HD-probe-tips and prevent measuring errors due to twisted assembly. On demand you can replace the probe tip with one click, without the need for tools or glue.

T4HD USB-probe arms:
Patented Technology – available only at IMTS/Triebworx.

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