World innovation: Aerostatic bearing CNC 4-7-axis contour and roughness measuring device

Setting new standards in contour and roughness measurement:

• Lowest ground noise in the nanometer range
• Vibration Detector
• Doubled table payload up to 50 kg
• All T4HD / T4HD-XL are upgradeable to T4HD-Aero

plus all the T4HD key advantages:
• Autocalibration as standard feature
• Impossible-to-confuse USB probe arms
• Automatic zenith search in X and Y direction
• 3D evaluation software for contour and roughness

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About us

Industrielle Fertigungsmesstechnik der IMTS GmbH | Konturen, Rauheiten, Oberflächen, zerstörungsfreie Werkstückprüfung


We have specialized in industrial production metrology.

Our employees are trained in metrology, particularly in the areas of contour, roughness and optics. The distribution of high quality products in the production measurement is important, but we don’t forget the service and expert advice. We work in partnership with our customers to create solutions to the problems of measuring technology and support them in the long term.

We offer a wide range of products, such as surface metrology, coordinate measuring technology, contour gauges, roughness measuring or comprehensive courses for hand-measuring instruments – with focus on the industrial production metrology. Please contact us as your distribution partner with leading manufacturers at hand. We also supply compatible probe arms and probe tips for foreign manufacturers as well as almost all equipment suitable such as clamping possibilities, clamping systems and centering systems.

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